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Partnering for Tech-Events, B2B Partnerships & New Ventures

B2B Partnerships

Many people discover my blog after seeing one of my technology-products or ventures and are seeking partnership or alignment; this is great, let's talk! Contact me to discuss possible alliances at

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- please describe the intentions and goals of partnership.

Technology Events and Community Organizing

Planning an event and organizing the tech-community is a feat that is uniquely-challenging. I have organized many events, some with many-hundreds of attendees. If you would like to hold an event and are seeking a full-house of participants to attend then contact me to discuss partnership possibilities at

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- please include full details of your event (or your vision of what you would like to achieve) along with your event-budget.

New Ventures Seeking Someone Like Me :)

If you are building a new product or service then you are at the most mission-critical time to build a proper foundation to grow your new venture. Contact me for details

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and please state your amount of capital raised, from what source(s) and your current burn rate.

Please note, I only consider partnerships with funded-ventures that are currently in a healthy financial position (sorry, this excludes bootstrappers, sweat-equity, etc.)