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Over 300+ attendees at Database Month 2013 premiere-evening CEO/CTO Discussion among Database Superstars

Moderating a panel of the 10gen/MongoDB CTO, Couchbase CEO & NuoDB CEO was an honor and huge fun! I threw in some challenging questions to keep it interesting, like "what feature do you most-envy in the products of the other two panelists here?"

Eliot Horowitz, CTO of 10gen, the MongoDB company, was the most at ease with the challenging questions which makes sense as their product is currently the NoSQL market-leader.

Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold seemed confident that they could take market share as the leader in document-databases.

The most-entertaining quote of the evening came from Barry Morris, NuoDB CEO, who shocked the audience when he hilariously described NoSQL as a ZERO-BILLION-DOLLAR industry.

Event photos and HD-video of the opening event can be seen at Future of 21st Century Databases: CEO/CTO Discussion among Database Superstars, Panel of NuoDB CEO, 10gen/MongoDB CTO & Couchbase CEO