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Looking forward to presenting at OSCON 2007 on Accessibility for Web 2.0!

The top-10 lesser-known benefits derived from making your Web 2.0 site accessible are:

1. Accessibility implementation includes semantic correctness Speaker at OSCON 2007which translates into better search engine rankings (SEO.)

2. Accessibility implementation includes having good usability which translates into a better user-experience for everyone, regardless of ability!

3. Accessibility implementation includes maintaining XHTML-valid markup which translates into substantially-improved cross-browser compatibility and is less likely to need adjustment in future-browser releases.

4. Accessibility implementation includes utilizing CSS as the sole source of styles which makes re-skinning your web site a breeze.

5. Accessibility implementation includes being sure that your site can be navigated via keyboard, this also makes it easier for mobile users browsing on a cellphone.

6. Accessibility implementation includes being sure that all JavaScript degrades gracefully in less-able browsers; this also benefits users of web-enabled "appliances" like electronic pianos, refrigerators and vehicle GPS systems.

7. Accessibility implementation includes not representing content or functionality solely by color; this also benefits users who are browsing on the diminutive screen of a cellphone, Blackberry or web-enabled wristwatch that may not reproduce contrasting colors with noticeable distinction.

8. Accessibility implementation includes aiding the usage of alternative input-devices that are designed for special-needs. This primarily involves making your links easy to click which also benefits laptop users navigating by trackpoint, touchpad or similar device.

9. Accessibility implementation makes for great public relations. I encourage every company to implement accessibility and then publicize it as a badge of honor!

10. Accessibility implementation can simultaneously improve both your karma and your e-business. Those with special needs will appreciate being able to effortlessly utilize your site and are likely to become loyal customers; this is especially true if your competitors have not yet implemented accessibility.